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Nikita Botanical Gardens – National Scientific Centre (NBG-NSC) is one of the oldest research institutions in our country which was established in 1812. It was founded by prominent botanist of XIX century, Christian Steven. Gardens were to intensify development of southern horticulture on the base of introduction, acclimatization, breeding and distribution of southern fruit, floral, ornamental, new industrial, medical and other useful plants; to make active use of local vegetative resources. From the very beginning Gardens founder set strong business and scientific contacts with leading botanical institutions in Europe, Asia and America, what made possible to found a unique collection of different crop cultivars, varieties and forms. 

Nikita Botanical Gardens – National Scientific Centre of Russian Academy of Sciences is the initiator of such new branches of national economy as southern ornamental gardening, southern and subtropical fruit gardening and viticulture, essential oil-bearing plants growing and tobacco-growing.

Nowadays according to leading rates in Botany NBG-NSC is one of the most world-famous botanical institutions having one of the largest genofond collections of valuable plants. NBG-NSC is the only owner of the species and varietal diversity of southern fruit crops including more than 11 000 cultivars of peach, apricot, cherry plum, fig, pomegranate, olive, ziziphus, sweet cherry and persimmon. Unique collections of ornamental arboreal and herbaceous, floral and aromatic plants were established in here.

The unique Arboretum made Gardens famous all over the world, being the visiting-card of Russian botanical science for millions of home and foreign tourists, for specialists and scientists-botanists. The collections of arboreal plants from the world flora occupy the area of about 40 ha. Arboretum of NBG-NSC has always been and remains the object of paramount importance.

Today NBG-NSC is the leading Russian institution at ornamental gardening.